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This page give you links to useful information for people with learning disabilities....


BILD have easy read information about advocacy here.

You can find out more about People First and self-advocacy here

Benefits and money

The Citizens Advice Bureau have information about benefits here

You can also find an easy read guide to benefits produced by Inclusion North

BILD have lots of information about money here

Carers with learning disabilities

Carers with learning disabilities look after a partner, family member or friend. Many carers with learning disabilities care for people who also care for them. This is called mutual caring.

Some of the caring jobs that carers with learning disabilities do are:

Sometimes it is difficult to see when a person with a learning disability starts to help more. This means they might not get all the help they need.

You can find more information about mutual caring here.

You can find out more about having a carers' assessment as a carer with a learning disability here

Hate crime

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities are working on a project to find out what disability hate crime schemes currently used in the UK work best. You can find out more about the project here

BILD have got lots of information about keeping safe

The Government recently produced a hate crime action plan. 'Action Against Hate' is not in an easy read format, but you can find it here


Easyhealth is a website where you can find accessible health information

From 31 July 2016 all organisations that provide NHS care or adult social care are legally required to follow the Accessible Information Standard.You can find information about the Accessible Information Standard here.

The Mental Health Act is a law which tells people with a mental health disorder what their rights are and how they can be treated. You can find easy read information about your rights under the Act here.

Information about the work being done around health inequalities by Public Health England can be found here. You then need to search for learning disability, and look under the Public Health England section.


The Housing and Support Alliance have got easy read information about housing and housing choices. You can find it here

Parents with learning disabilities

CHANGE have lots of information to support parents with learning disabilities. You can find it here

The Elfrida Society in London do lots of work with parents with learning disabilities and support the London Network of Parents with Learning Difficulties

The University of Bristol support the Working Together with Parents Network - this network supports professionals working with parents with learning difficulties and learning disabilities, and their children.

Parent Pioneers is a project that was funded by the Department of Health and led by Mencap in partnership with Mellow Parenting, the Elfrida Society, Norah Fry Centre, Parent House and Children North East, along with the two Local Authorities. It was developed in partnership with a ‘Parents with Experience’ reference group.


BILD have got lots of easy read information about rights, which you can find here

The Government produced an easy read guide to making the Equality Act real. You can find that here